Restricted Handguns


Update,  March 21, 2018

Finally good news!  The Crown Counsel in our case has announced a Stay of Proceedings!  While they were not willing to listen two years ago, I guess now they were, and have dropped all charges.  Our guns and other property are to be returned (still ongoing), and a lot of guns that were on hold can now be transferred :)

Lots more guns coming just as soon as I get myself (and a couple helpers) down to the RCMP station to haul them back  :)

This a very special custom STI 2011 Tactical 10mm, totally built here, and so far only test fired.  The trigger pull has to be experienced, and the whole gun got a tuning and smoothing up you can really feel!  Some features: Cylinder & Slide match disconnector and sear, EGW skeletonized hammer, Wilson extended magazine release, Fiber optic front sight, special adustable tactical rear sight, fitted Tactical magazine well, 5 tuned 10 rd magazines with custom holder, factory  case with lock and manual. Something like it (not really close), but without 4 of the $120 mags or a lot of other extras, is now available from STI for $3700 - Hmmm  This one is better, and now $3000 out the door...

Did you know what Wild Bill Hickok carried and used? A pair of .36 caliber Navy Colts like this, except his were the octagon - barreled ones with ivory grips.  This a gorgeous replica built for Navy Arms (Italian)

  This Walther P38 is the early aluminum-framed Police model, in 9mm, and shows very little use.  Barrel and internals look new and the parkerized slide and barrel do, too!  One original magazine - $599, out the door  :)  These pistols feel sooo good to shoot, and I find them ridiculously easy to get good hits with.

     This Pro Series M&P 9mm is unfired, comes with all paperwork, case, grip inserts, and 5 magazines.  These retail now for almost $900 with only 2 of these mags  -  $890 out the door for this one    :)  

Now here!   HK P2000 in 40 S&W truly as-new with factory case, grip inserts, two mags,  paperwork.  This is Canada-legal and feels sooo good in the hand, with a lovely trigger -  Now $790 - trades welcome...  

  This is Ruger's wonderful SR9 in 9mm and do these ever feel nice in the hand - especially smaller hands like mine!  Looks new but actually has a couple hundred rounds through it, case, lock, 2 mags, paperwork, these sell new for $700 (that's almost $790 out the door in BC!)  This one's $639 out the door.  Case is reasonably sized, so shipping within BC/Alberta will be less than $25... no more than $32 to most of the rest of Canada. 

This is the latest S&W "Range & Carry Kit" M&P 40 caliber.  Almost new, comes with 4 mags, holster, magazine loader, grip inserts to suit your hand size. Very few rounds - $619 - out the door  :)

  This Mark V Webley in 455 shows a little age on the outside but is lovely on the inside.  A glistening bore and clean, tight chambers means it's a shooter!  Nice trigger and tight lockup tells us it wasn't used a lot, plus the intact original bird's head grip and lanyard ring makes it a genuine collector's item, AND a wonderful shooter.   I have one  (the Mark 6) and also find it's great with my S&W speedloades :) $799 out the door:)

  This is a really special Custom STI Trojan.  Original caliber is 40 S&W, with an extra, custom-fitted SVI Infinity barrel in 357 SIG.  The SIG barrel was fitted for target shooting and is extremely accurate (typical of most bottle-neck rounds).  Gives you the option of lots of different bullets/loads with potentially very low recoil,too. Includes a stainless ammo gauge for loading the 357 rounds so you get them headspaced properly, on the shoulder :)   2 magazines, factory case and extras, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear.  Lovely thin factory Rosewood grips.  Barrel fitting just done by Clarence here, then the owner came down with a detached retina :(, so test fired only with the 357 barrel, under 1000 rounds on the 40 barrel (which is darned accurate as well!  This is a very high class pistol, selling for around $2500 in stock form with one magazine.  We added over $500 to it - will sell now for $2490 out the door, for a like-new custom target automatic. 

This Springfield custom .45 was my friend's pride and joy until I introduced him to a gorgeous 7" 10mm 1911!  This 45 ACP has a a coned match barrel, STI adjustable sights, (fiber optic in front), match trigger and components such as hammer, disconnector, etc. Is this trigger squeeze - can't really call it a pull - ever nice - we can make it a tad stiffer for less than expert shooters).  Pachmayr grips, Custom stainless Magwell, ambi safety, a very effective Armco 5 port compensator, of course this pistol is incredibly accurate and would be a natural for the powerful Armco 45-08 round. A 200 grain SWC at 1500 makes for very effective bear medicine! Great as well for high velocity 45ACP rounds, or standard loads, even soft target loads, with a recoil spring change. This fire-breather can feel like a .32!   2 mags, more available - $990, out the door  :)

     This is a state-of-the-art 38 Super Colt IPSC race gun.  The whole package needed to start - or go all the way to the top - in the Open Division.  Set up for a right-hander, belt is 34-38 (hmmm - my size).  The setup comes with 6 - 10 rd Shooting Star mags with base pads (and the holders), an Armco modular holster (the fastest - I stopped making them when the cost to build them far exceeded what I coud sell them for).  Mounted is the popular and easy to use OKO red  dot sight, a handy thumb rest...The pistol is checkered, hard chromed, wears a hi-rise beavertail, alloy trigger, extended mag. catch,  S&A mag well - absolutely top rate - and it has a gorgeous trigger pull.  The barrel shows at least 40,000 rounds of life left in it.   Approx. 1000 pcs 38S good brass, Carbide die set...  $2390  complete - or will consider selling gun only without the extras - let's talk  :) 


 A nice Dan Wesson Model 15 in 357/38.  All original, not new but these guns don't seem to wear out  :) Acknowled to be the most accurate revolvers around, and famous for their interchangeable barrels -  $590 - trades?  Sold, Sylvain  :)


    Did I say Dirty Harry?  This is the one! The 6.5": Model 29-2, with wooden presentation case and cleaning equipment.  Almost unfired, this one shows minor pitting from storage, and if it were me, I'd restore it  :) It is/would gorgeous!  Wooden grips are almost perfect, box is in great shape with a little wear showing inside.  $799 - on hold  -   :)   Now sold, Cameron :) 

  This Uberti 45 Colt El Patron is not your average six-shooter!  With a gorgeous, tuned action and trigger, just cycling this one brings back memories of hand-fitted Colts of the fifties.  The sights are the squared-off type you  can actually use, even with older eyes.  This was a friend's, about two years old, and lightly used (Cowboy Action just wasn't his thing), he claims it's exceptionally accurate, and he is a very good shot.  $679 - trades, maybe?   on  hold - Jake  :)  


    This is an almost-new Navy Model SIG P226, the MK25 model so sought after.  In 9mm, it appears to have very (for sure less than 500) rounds on it, and it's immaculate.  Factory case and papers, 2 original magazines.  $1350 new, this one is $1079 - trades considered... on hold - Rob  :)  

Ruger Lipseys Special flattop 45ACP/45 Colt Blachawk. A little while ago, Lipsey's in the US commissioned a series of "Flattop" Ruger Blackhawk revolvers in 45 Colt withg a spare 45ACP cylinder, and distinctive "Ivory" grips.  It has the 5.5" barrel, and the new improved action that lets you load and unload instinctively  :)  About time!  Barely fired, factory case, papers, and although it currently lists at $795 in Lipsey's US catalogue (that's over $1100 Canadian), I don't see any in stock anywhere at this time.  $990 - trades?   Sold, Kris  :) 

  Of all the SIG-Sauer pistols, the 220 series, especially this 45ACP version, is by far my favourite!  The grip shape and size is perfect (it's a single stack so that figures).  Lovely trigger, and it's extremely accurate.  Three factory mags - Impossible to find a full-sized SIG much under $1500 - this barely used one is $790 - trades?  Sold, Jeff... 

  Just in -another lovely 1911 Race Gun - this one in 9mm...  Built originally for a Lady IPSC Competitor in 38 Super by the top pistolsmith in the US at the time, retired in favour of a 2011 Hi-Cap pistol - (built by me) - and now refurbished with a new match 9mm barrel, and a lot other neat stuff.  Still as tight and accurate as new!    This gun really has all the bells and whistles, from hard chroming to fine-line checkering, a gorgeous trigger pull and my favourite sight - the PDP4 on a custom ARMCO mount with thumb rest.  Flared, extended mag well, extended checkered mag button, custom cocking handle. This superlative pistol will function with factory 9mm's (boy, is that soft-shooting) or "Major 9" handloads.  Six 10 rd tuned mags, mag holders, a super-fast right hand Double-Alpha holster, just add your size belt! To replicate this today you'd pay over $5000. Now $1890, including a very nice multi-gun case.   sold, Gord  :)

This late-model Taurus 357 Tracker is the 6.5" barreled model with integral barrel ports and the very soft in the hand ribbed grip.  A joy to shoot, even with hot loads, and I'm estimating between 1500 and 2000 rounds, mostly 38 Special, down the tube.  Now $549...  Sold Bob Y  :)

   The  Jericho (Baby Desert Eagle) 9mm is a heavier-built version of the famed CZ775 and many of the parts (including mags) will fit.  Good sights, 2mags and an accessory rail make for a great soft-shooting accurate pistol.  $490...Now sold, Kris  :))

  Here's a very nice Taurus 24/7 Pro in 45ACP  :)  5 mags, hardly used, fiber optic sights, $399  out the door...  Sold, Mark  :)

  This is really nice! Not very often you find a Colt New Service (dated 1916) in this condition.  These were issued to the Northwest Mounted  in  455 Eley Caliber and later changed out in favour of such "man-stoppers" as .38 S&W, .38 Special.  Hmmm.  This one will also fire the much more common 45 Colt, a lot easier to come by, and a little more powerful, too :) Modern target grips in nice condition, plus the original bakelite ones with a small chip out of the lower rear.   Tight lockwork and in remarkable condition overall. $790 - trades?   Sold - Robin  :) 

  A brand (never fired) new Smith & Wesson 629 Classic 5" 44 Magnum 6 shot revolver.  In  case, with papers etc - Now $890 - Sold, Chuck  :)

  Norinco NP40 (CZ clone) in the powerful 40 S&W caliber  -  with two mags - Armco tuned - $369.  In both 40 and 9mm (with two 9mm mags) $449 - trades?  sold :)

    Colt New Service in 455 Eley (and 455 Webley, easier to find) was originally British-issued during WW1.  In remarkable condition, especially inside, and there is still a good percentage of original bluing visible.  Grips perfect, lanyard ring intact, these guns are great shooters, and so much history!  $920 out the door  :)  Now spoken for - Scott :)


Here is a trditional-looking (and feeling) 1911 45 I built a few years ago for a local friend - and I built it as if it were for myself!  He started competing with it in IPSC, and did quite well, actually, until he was no longer able to shoot.  This pistol is now on the market, very smooth and accurate, with a lovely trigger,  grooved Pachmayr grips that really feel good, larger fixed sights, and nothing unneccessary, just a solid, great-shooting 1911 with likely 100,000 rounds left in it!  $449 - trades?  Now sold - Greg  :)


  This a factory refurbished and lightly used Walther P1 pistol in 9m , and this one has the strengthening pin in the frame in anticipation of heavy police use.  Instead these very effective and ergonomically pleasing handguns were replaced with the more clunky 15 shot Model 88 and stored away. The various P38 and P1 variants have always been favourites of mine.  Comes with one magazine.  Now available for $499 - and that's out the door!  Trades?  Now sold - Tom  :)