Update,  March 21, 2018

Finally good news!  The Crown Counsel in our case has just officially announced a Stay of Proceedings!  While they were not willing to listen two years ago, I guess now they were, and have dropped all charges.  Our guns and other property are to be returned (still ongoing), and a lot of guns that were on hold can now be transferred :)

Lots more guns coming (including a lot of neat prohibs) just as soon as I get myself (and a couple helpers) down to the RCMP station to haul them back  :)

    This is really flashy, and actually shoots very well!  A Basque in the full regalia including fake pearl grips, in 32 Auto.  $99 out the door  :)  Fess up! You know you've always wanted one like this!!

The Savage Model 1907 in .32ACP was very far ahead of its time, boasting the very first double stack magazine, as well as intricate workmanship on the receiver and slide.  A real collector's item, and now getting quite rare.  These are a riot to shoot, too and the period poster on my wall  "Ten shots fast!"  says it all. A larger version barelost out to the 1911 in the army tests.  NRA VG condition - $329, out the door!   

  This excellent French-made MAB Model R is the rare military version with a lanyard ring and outside hammer.  In .32 (7.65 ACP) like the much more common civilian version, this was considered quite adequate by the (European) armies of the day...  In great shape with a small crack in the right grip as shown.  $149 out the door.

  This 4" barreled S&W Model 10 in 38 Special is lovely with most of the gorgopuis bluing intact and the action is very slick and smooth.  Wears a nice set of Pachmayr grips that feel just right. Doesn't seem to have had a lot of use, these guns were just smooth out of the box.  Darn accurate, too!  $389, out the door!

    This lovely M23 Glock in 40 S&W just arrived from Alberta -   I originally sold the gun and it could still pass for new.  Includes spare magazine and a new Blackhawk holster...This is the real thing too - a 12(6).  These are getting more rare every day as people who have them are not giving them up  :)  $899 - SOLD, Barry  :)


 Another one I sold, now back on trade This 4" M29-2 was pristine, and still is except for one light scratch - I have one and there's nothing like touching off a hot 44  Magnum out of a 98 mm barrel!  Of course I shoot almost all softer loads out of mine - actually not much more kick than a standard 38 Special.  Speaking of that, I'd  say judging by the condition of the forcing cone, this one has seen maybe 500 rounds, mostly soft loads. This is of course a recessed cylinder, pinned barrel model made in the seventies.  These are nice!  $699 ...


Iver Johnson top break 32 revolver in pretty average condition but with immaculate grips!  Say, did you know these fire 32acp just fine as well as 32 S&W?  Usable bore, but this is really a gun best kept for show - $149 - trades? 

   This lovely old Iver Johnson 32 revolver is Prohib because of the caliber.  Shootable bore with nice sharp rifling, good lockup and the gun works as new.  Grips perfect, factory Nickel is 90% there.  $199 - trades? 




A wonderful "shooter", this 9mm Luger S/42 is a rework by the Russians as designated by the stamp by the serial number.  Not a collector gun but numbers match.  Decent trigger, very shootable bore, Mec-Gar magazine - way better than the originals - grips worn, and chipped by the safety.  $629 - trades? 

  Sold, awaiting re-registration :)


H&R Selfloader - needs a good soaking - it's seized solid  -  offers?    Sold  :)