Rimfire Handguns 

Update  November 22, 2017

  On the way!  A lovely Stainless Ruger Mark 2 (My favourite) bull barrel target pistol - with three mags...I'll decide once it gets here but a new Mark 4 stainless target Ruger is close to $800  Hmmm - less than $600?

  This a special Ruger Target 22 pistol.  The popular Mark III 22/45 with hand-filling grip panels, scope mount, 2 mags, and very very few rounds fired.  $459 - trades?

   Beautifully restored Ruger "flatgate" 22LR Single Six... These are extremely rare now - the first Ruger revolvers made.  This one is a 1955 issue, and has been restored, sporting custom grips.  Barrel and chambers perfect, and the action is original (that clickety-clack feels and sounds so good!)  $590 - trades considered. Waiting to be released from custody  :)  And on hold...   

This Herbert Schmidt HS21 is in lovely shape, and apparently is quite accurate.  Nice, crisp action that locks up tight.  In 22LR, although there should be a 22WMR cylinder somewhere - not found yet... $229 - Waiting to be released from custody  :)  And on hold...   

  Ruger Mark III Standard 22, as-new in box - 2 mags - $399 - trades? Waiting to be released from custody  :)   

  A neat Star 22 with adj. sights and outside hammer - so nice to be able to decock these...And these are really well built and very accurate.  One ,magazine - $229 - trades? 

Waiting to be released from custody  :)   And on hold  :)

   This is a truly lovely 22 target pistol. A Browning Buckmark in the deluxe UDX version.  Original case, 2 factory mags, very few rounds and is exceptionally clean.  With a Weaver rail and very nice Bushnell Trophy red dot sight - $490.  Now without red dot or mount - $430 - trades considered.  sold Darcy  ...

  Lovely S&W M&P  .22 pistol that is as-new and comes with 5 10 rd mags.    $529 out the door  - trades considered. Sold - Joanne  :)

dir='rimfire_handguns/flatgate'}This one is rate and collectible!  Made in 1956 and carefully used all these years, this "Flatgate" model Ruger Single Six is of course the three screw version and unaltered.  Owned since new by the father of the current owner, it's all original, showing a lot of bluing left, lovely internals, and a fair bit of honest wear to the alloy grip frame area.  Has the original manual and a set of custom wood grips, too. These just can't be found any more!  $690...  Sold  :)

    Here is a neat older Ruger Mark 2 HB Target 22.  These are highly sought after as they are acknowledged to be the best Ruger 22 Target pistol out - still an all-steel firearm and reliable as all get-out!  One magazine, used but not abused - you could never wear one of these out!  $375 - Sold Randy

A while ago (in April 2016) our alarm system was activated while we were away - called urgently for medical reasons. 


A door just adjusted by the door people was not latched properly  and blown open by heavy winds. Everything showed it to be securely locked.  While we were in X-Ray, we had shut off our cell phones as instructed. The alarm company couldn't reach us and called the cops. They couldn't  resist, and in the process, a number of guns were seized, and some still remain in their custody.  These consist of long guns, and some restricted and prohibited as well. There are still a few privately owned guns included, and I urge the owners to claim them from the RCMP.


We are dealing with the legal aspects through our solicitors and will be going to court in January-February 2018  (now re-scheduled for 5 days from April 16, 2018) Both Jean and I were charged with the usual - unsafe storage - which we trust will be succesfully dealt with in court