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Update  March 28, 2017


We look forward to a vastly improved 2017!!  Most of 2016 was nasty - health issues pretty well non-stop, starting Christmas Eve 2015 in the ER.  Then out of commission from late September and finally just back at it in December,with reduced hours.   Lots of catching up to do :)

 We also (in April 2016) had a visit from the RCMP after our alarm system was activated while we were suddenly called away for medical reasons. No, not crooks, a faulty door :)  While we were in X-Ray, we shut off our cell phones as instructed, so the alarm company couldn't reach us and called the cops. In the process, a number of guns were seized by the RCMP, and some still remain in their custody.  These consist of long guns, and some restricted and prohibited as well. There are still some privately owned guns included, and I urge the owners to claim them from the RCMP.

Other than that, we are dealing with the legal aspects through our solicitors and hope for a resolution later in 2017. 

Hours of Operation - Armco's revised drop-in/visiting hours are working well! Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3 gives us those times to visit, and talk. It has turned out to be a highlight of our week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)

Armco Machine & Plating is a Gun Shop located in Prince George British Columbia. We deal with shooters from across Canada, catering to their needs in firearms of all types.  AND we take trades!!


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